PhD-student in simulation of assembly of bio-molecules using pH

PhD position available in single cell mechanical phenotyping

7th European Joint Theoretical/Experimental Meeting on Membranes (EJTEMM 2020),

Computational and Experimental Protein Variant Interpretation

PhD student in diffraction imaging data analysis for X-ray free-electron lasers

Giovanni La Penna 17 dicembre 2019, alle ore 15:00, in aula 19 (Area Scienze-Tor Vergata)

Bando SupportoSILS2LdS n. 1/2020

Bando ERASMUS + 2019-2020

XXIV School of Pure and Applied Biophysics on “Applications of X-rays and Neutron Scattering in Biology”


Post Doctoral Position at ESRF, October 2019, 2020

Biophysical Society 64th Annual Meeting in San Diego, California, February 15-19, 2020

European X-FEL proposal: alpha-synuclein fiber diffraction

Beyond Borders @ Tor Vergata: Amyloid fibrils structure unravelled by neutron scattering & molecular dynamics simulations

ISCRA C : Styrene-Dopamine receptor affinity: a Molecular Dynamics study

ISCRA C : Aβ peptides and β-sheet breakers
 A coarse grained molecular dynamics approach using GO-Martini

Postdoctoral fellow at Departments of Physics and Chemistry, Graduate Division Biol. and Biomed. Sciences, Winship Cancer Institute, Emory University

Position Openings – Sergi Garcia-Manyes lab, King’s College London & the Francis Crick Institute.

Available grants

Master of Science in Computational Science
  • Positions in Physics and Chemistry of Biological Systems – non EU students

    open positions within MaX

    PhD position on Bioelectrochemistry at the University of Strasbour

    PhD position in Blackledge group at IBS Grenoble

    open positions within MaX


    FREE Course Programming paradigms for GPU devices

    ILL/ESRF International Student Summer Programme on X-Ray and Neutron Science, 1 – 28 September 2019, Grenoble, France

    LIV Zakopane School of Physics Breaking Frontiers: Submicron Structures in Physics and Biology

    Conferences and Workshop

    SCIENCE@FELs 2020

    RAD 2019 Conference

    Biophysics@Rome 2019

    EBSA Biophysics Congress 2019 (July 20-24 Madrid)

    [Ebsa] 2019 Summer School in Computational Biology – from molecules to tissues